Our consulting services are designed to provide applied technical support to individuals and / or companies interested in the production of biofuels and use of their waste (solid, liquid, organic, inorganic, food, industrial, etc.) for energy production.

  • Characterization of Oils

    It is very important for both the producer and the consumer to know the main oil quality parameters.

  • Characterization of Seeds

    Are you interested in selling your seeds? Do you want to know what equipment is best suited for your product? This service will answer these and many more questions.

  • Biodiesel Quality

    Biodiesel quality assures that this biofuel works without any inconvenience in any diesel motor; this sheet will provide confidence to your clients and your motors.

  • Analysis of Co-Products

    We know how important it is to make the most out of natural resources, within this service we seek added value for each sub-product generated.

  • Automation

    Based in the control system developed by SOLBEN, we generate an simpler way to operate, control, and administrate chemical procedures.

  • Technical Support

    If you want to make biodiesel, you need help planning your hectares yields, you have a plant but you do not get the best conversion, your biodiesel does not meet quality standards.